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        1. Welcome to visit“Xingxiang Jiurong Technology CO.,LTD” website!
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          Multifunctional weeder
          Multifunctional weeder

          ABOUT US
          Our company is subordinate to Henan Xinji Group(originally named:First machinery industry ministry Xinxiang Lathe Factory),and previously operated as the Universal-producct Development Section for zhe group company,but reorganized and established to be a company in the year of 1997,mainly engaged in the R&D,Manufacture and Marketing the lathes for processing the bearings of internal Combustion Engine and Automobiles.Over the last decade,we are always striving for culturing the Brand Effect,and enlarging the Market Share for our products.Currently,we are at the leading edge in the field of manufacturing the Engine-bearing Production Facilities,which is resulted from the Advanced Technologies,Completed Range of Products,and Excellent Quality,thereinto,the numerical control broaching machines of LZ811,and LZ8112 have been patented bystate,and is domestic brand product.While enhancing the performance,efficiency and automation of the machines by endlessly improving technologies on the e......more>>
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